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Our New, Original Book About Nevada!

Nevada, A Strange State

We have just published a book about all the strange things about Nevada, believe it, there are plenty of strange things.  Aliens. mobsters, one-man countries, funny laws, and yes, the Toilet Paper Man.  Even Nevada natives don't know about these things, but they are all true.  A must-red for anyone interested in this state and in the eccentric history of the West.  You can get your copy now!  Click on the link above. 

Let's Color Hoover Dam

A new kind of coloring book. It not only is fun, it also is instructional, a learning experience. Hours of fun coloring the animals, birds, insects and snakes that can be found in the area around Hoover Dam. There is the majestic Bald Eagle, the amazing Road Runner, the poisonous Western Diamondback rattle snake, and the odd looking Bighorn sheep. We have the Barrel Cactus and the Organ Pipe cactus, the Joshua Tree, which is completely unknown in the east, and the Yucca plant. All of them can be found in areas around the dam. And they all can be colored. And not to forget, you get to color the dam itself. Use any color you like. Make it one color or many colors, it is up to you. Use your imagination, and the color pencils that come with the book.
Price: $12.95 
To enter the gift shop for a purchase scroll down and click on the Vegas Souvenirs and Gifts bar.

Bannon has a new product in the can.

THE TIP JAR - Going On Right Now

Our Man Around Town

Nevada Strange Old Time Newspapers

These newspapers are now long gone, their names linger on.

Agai Dicutta Yaduan, Schurz, 1975 - 1977. Schurz was the 13th Sec. of the Interior (3-12-1877/3-7-1881) and served under Garfield and Hayes. The town is still around, on the Walker River, pop. around 700. I could not find a definition for the phrase. If you know what it means send me the information.

The Knocker, Manhattan, yes, Nevada had one of those. July or Aug. 1911.

Gabbs Gabb, June 14, 1943/Aug. 25, 1944. The town of Gabbs is still around. It is in Nye County, and sports a population of less than three hundred, and falling. B.t.w., Nye County is the second largest in the lower 48 with about 20,000 sq.m.

Rochester Paycrack, before you get any ideas let me explain. The title refers to a rich ore vein. This paper had an interesting printer, a Joe T. Cramp. He was a tramp (itinerant) publisher who carried his equipment from mining camp to mining camp. He started at least seven papers between 1910 and 1920.

Potosi Nix Cum Rouscht, Feb. 1861, handwritten. Linguists at UNR tried to find a meaning of those words. They could not. It seems to be a mixture of Latin and German. Interestingly there are at least three mining towns by that name around the world. The one in the Nevada is close to Las Vegas. There is one in Spain and another in Bolivia. The latter one has the "Mountain of Silver". It has been continuously mined for over three hundred years.

More of these odd facts can be found in my book"Nevada, A Strange Place".
I illustrated the book with 134 drawings, all done by me.

Vegas Souvenirs & Gifts

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Here is your Horoscope. ENJOY!

  Oct.21 - Nov. 20
Things are going to happen real fast now for you. You will begin a lucky streak that will last for several weeks. Your best chance of walking away with good money will be the crap table. But, if you bet the field and the proposition bets your money will soon be gone. Don't forget to take all the odds you can get. Do not get lost inside the giant furniture store in the west valley. If you do it may take a while for help to arrive. Other than that all signs are positive

  Who is it?
This furniture giant is famous for two things (at least in Europe). One is the furniture you assemble yourself.
Two are the delicious meals they serve at a real cheap price in their restaurant.I do not know if they will do it here, but in Europe everyone knows about it. Incidentally, the business got it's start in Sweden.
Their parking lot will hold up to 1300 vehicles.


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