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      The steak house at the South Point. It is not center strip, but about five miles south. First of all the parking. The parking lot is huge, literally acres.. If that is not enough there also is a parking garage. And it is free. Let me repeat that, parking is free. That hotel/casino has a lot of entertainment you will not find on the strip. It is oriented towards the horsey crowd. No less than two arenas with event just about every week end. Sometime roping, bulldogging. Always something. It also has several restaurants and, my favorite, the Steak House. Again, a menu that is different from the strip. Beef Wellington, who does that any longer? Or the tenderloin Oscar, it also is hard to find. Then there are the salads. The day I visited there was the authentic, Caesar, pretty standard, but this one was the original, with anchovy. A nice Beef Stroganoff was also one the menu. There were six in our party, but the service was as smooth as silk.What surprised me the most was the :Pomme de Terre en Robe de Nuit. That was a real surprise. Good too. After dinner we all took in a show. It was an Elvis impersonator. All in all fun was had by all.

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