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An Ode to Old Vegas — 1 Comment

  1. The best description of modern Vegas that I know of. I lived the dream in the seventies and eighties. Good pay, ultra cheap rent, free shows , cheap food and cheap booze. Then the suits moved in Chicago School of Business. They know how to ruin it it. Business is still good, but the fun is gone. Las Vegas Blvd. has been sanitized. No more dirt median, just cement and palms. No more small slot joints. No more sheriff of 6’2″, with a gun around his hip, a belt buckle the size of a dinner plate, and cowboy boots, and Stetson hat. It is all conformist now. Too bad. I haven’t been at the strip in months, although I live nearby. I leave that to the tourist who are coming in by the millions on package deals. In and out, like a production line.