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Main Street Station $1 Token

Main Street Station sounds a lot like a part of the Station Casinos group of casinos. It is not. It was originally built by investors from Florida who had a successful  business in Florida when they converted a defunct railroad station into a thriving business. They brought with them several luxurious Pullman dining cars that were on display, and in use on Main street in down town Las Vegas for quite a few years. The casino itself boasted very luxurious decor. Unfortunately the business failed and was sold to the Boyd Group. Last time I checked the hotel and casino were closed It was also one of the few casinos in Las Vegas with an in house brewery. It offered very good beer and typical brewerey dining, German style. The mans bath rooms had large pieces of the infamous Berlin Wall. It offered the user the opportunity to pee on the wall. without getting killed by communist border guards.I checked on the casino a couple of weeks ago and found it closed. Too bad, I liked it. It has a skywalk across main street to the California hotel, another Boyd property.That would be hard to top.

Their gaming tokens feature a train engine, a locomotive. That makes a terrific pocket watch. I can see the conductur now, pulling what looks like a solid gold pocket watch out of his vest pocket, checking the accurate time , and giving the signal for departure. 

All tokens have been used in actual slot play at the casino and show various amounts of wear. See photo for condition.

All tokens are available from mounting in our Token Pocketwatches. 

Price: $4.00