Harley-Davidson $1 Token ? 

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Harley-Davidson  $1 Token - Product Image
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Harley-Davidson $1 Token

The Harley Cafe/Bar was located at the corner of the strip and East Harmon. It managed to stay in business for 19 years, a very impressive record for Las Vegas, where even huge hotels come and go seemingly overnight. I am sitting at that bar one day playing the one dollar slots. The bartender casually mentions to play all the dollars possible because management wants to remove them and replace them with quarter machines. Yes, in those days that was still possible. The year was 2016. I iimmediately bought all the Harley tokens he had in the till, several hundred of them. I now control most of them. If you want one you need to pay up, no one else has them. I have them uncirculated and circulated. I use them in belts, saddles, biker accessories, inset on leather jackets, belt buckles and more.The color is incorrect. It actually is a silver color. My best seller is the Harley pocket watch. I designed it and I am the sole vendor of it, so far as I know. Tell me what you want, gold tone watch or silver tone watch. I ship as soon as payment is received. In a nice gift box. 

Very, very popular token. And I control the inventory. 

All tokens have been used in actual slot play at the casino and show various amounts of wear. See photo for condition.

All tokens are available from mounting in our Token Pocketwatches. 

Price: $25.00