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Green Valley Ranch $1 Token

Green Valley Ranch $1 Token

I think it is part of the Station Casinos group. This is one of the easiest to reach hotels in the entire valley. Take the Green Valley Ranch off ramp when traveling east on the I-215. Lots of parking. I have never seen that casino out of parking space. Lots of restaurants, in all price categories, a movie theater, lots of shopping. This hotel has it all. Even a mini vineyard. It is upscale , but not crazy expensive. Well worth a trip, time permitting. It is not too far, maybe fifteen miles or so.

Very nice token. Simple, clean lines.

All tokens have been used in actual slot play at the casino and show various amounts of wear. See photo for condition.

All tokens are available from mounting in our Token Pocketwatches. 

Price: $6.00