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Golden Gate $1 Token

Golden Gate $1 Token

This hotel is the oldest in Las Vegas. It sits at  E. Fremont, at the corner of Main. . It got its start in 1906. That is amazing, considering Las Vegas itself was incoporated in 1905. That makes this casino 116 years old, and still in business. The gaming area is small, but cozy. The shrimp cocktails are still cheap. It may be the oldest casino in Las Vegas, but it is not the oldest, continuously operating casino. That honor belongs to the Railroad Pass casino in Henderson. It never closed, and never changed hands until a couple of years ago.I have two different images ( tokens) for this casino. Please specify.

The tokens are very collectible, considering it is the oldest gambling place in all of vegas.

All tokens have been used in actual slot play at the casino and show various amounts of wear. See photo for condition.

All tokens are available from mounting in our Token Pocketwatches. 

Price: $4.00 
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