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Caesars Palace $1 Token

Caesars Palace $1 Token

Opened in 1966 and was the most opulent hotel in Las Vegas until Mr. Wynn came along. It was built by Mr. Sarno and his partner. Mr. Sarno also built CircusCircus I believe. It had a parking lot so large at the time, Formula one racing took place on it. I was able to watch, I worked at the top of the Dunes at a fancy restaurant at the time. Evil Knievel tried to jump over the fountains, and broke a lot of his bones. That parking lot was the cause of a lot of fun and laughter during the rainy season. It was filled with signs warning drivers not to park in the low lying spots. They did it anyway,it was ten steps closer to the entrance. Then the rain came and a lot of Caillacs, Lincolns and Mercedes floated under the Imperial Palace, which was and still is, a flood control channel and wound up crushed on Koval Lane, behind the hotel. One day I was driving down the strip and I had a coupon for a free pull on the giant slot machine at Caesars. I swerved across four lanes of traffic across the median which was just dirt at the time and lined up for my turn. A lady behind me got real angry and yelled at me I had taken her spot. I didn't care, I lined up behind her. When it was my turn at the machine I hit one thousand dollars, which was good money at the time. I still think about that idiot woman.

Anyway, I took my winning and changed some of it into gaming tokens. I played black jack and made another hundred bucks. Good money at the time. I saved those lucky tokens and now sell a few of them.If you too want some luck, get a token or two. It could not hurt.

Caesars used three different images on the back of its tokens,  Cherubs, Columns and Chariots. The front always has the bust of a Roman emperor. Please specify when ordering the image you would like. 

All tokens have been used in actual slot play at the casino and show various amounts of wear. See photo for condition.

All tokens are available from mounting in our Token Pocketwatches. 

Price: $10.00 
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