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Got your attention didn't I?
What is Xeriscape? In a nutshell "it is the science of raising the most amount of plants with the least amount of water." Sounds simple doesn't it? Actually it is very complicated. In desert areas, Las Vegas definitely qualifies, soils are very poor, rainfall is minimal, and temperatures are extreme. Plants that do best in such an environment are plants that are native to the desert areas of the American Southwest. Sage, Desert Willow, Saguaro etc. come to mind. In order to get a better understanding of Xeriscape gardens we recommend the following tours.All of them are free of charge,
OK!Las Vegas Valley Water District
The garden is located at Alta and Valley View, about 10 miles from the strip.Nice reception area and lots of brochures and information. For a gardener well worth the trip. Tel: 702-258-3205
OK!Ethel M Chocolate Factory.
Corner of E. Sunset and Mountain Vista. Tel: 702-433-2500
Installed by one of the wealthiest individuals in the US, Mr. Forrest Mars (now deceased). Gorgeous gardens, interesting too. Fascinating used water recycling plant behind the factory. Here water is recycled and purified the natural way, with water Hyacynths. All open for inspection free of charge. {short description of image}
OK!UNLV Desert Garden
corner of Maryland Parkway and E. Tropicana.
I would park at the Thomas and Mack Stadium, the entrance is on Tropicana Av. The other parking areas are usually filled up, but you can try the one off Maryland Parkway next to the burger joint (In and Out Burger). The garden is located behind the Earth Sciences Building. It is so beautiful there and really under appreciated

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