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Yes!BJ's Brewery
1. Henderson 9520 S. Eastern Ave. Henderson, NV 89123 702.473.2980.
TEL Online Ordering Hours 10am-12am Sunday 11am-12am Monday-Thursday 11am-1am Friday 10am-1am Saturday.
Part of a large chain of microbreweries. A huge selection of their own beers; I counted 14 varieties,and an even larger selection of imports some of them quite exotic like for example the belgian chimays.
I can't say too much about the food at the moment,all I had was the artichoke and spinach dip which was quite acceptable for $11.95. I didn't like the bruschetta as much. They use some kind of soft bread for it.
As for the beers; we had the sampler which had 7 selections at 5oz each for $7.95. I find that quite a bargain. On average the beers are very good although I find the pale ale not as hoppy as I would like. But then again it is not advertised as an I.P.A.
Decor and ambience are excellent. All done in a quasi industrial mode. Large murals in style harking back to the 30's. Lots of stainless steel, exposed ceiling with the exposed ducts etc.
Very nice experience. I shall return.http://www.bjsbrewhouse.com
Banger Brewing
450 Fremont St Suite 135 Las Vegas, NV 89101. It's hard to miss. The downtown Las Vegas entertainment district is only a few blocks long.
I counted ten taps as of this writing. I haven;t tried any of their beers yet but will do so shortly.
Brewery Hours: Sun-Thurs: 5pm – 12am Fri & Sat: 5pm-1am.
4500 E. Sunset Rd.Tel: 702-458-2739
It is a casino with a micro brewery and pizza joint. The beer is real good, the food barely edible.go to Barley's web site
Beer Stats: Active Beers: 5 Beer Ratings: 33 Beer Avg: 3.44.
Black Mountain Beer Munich Dunkel Lager 4.50 3.58 9 - Blue Diamond Beer American Pale Lager 4.50 2.91 6 - Boulder Gold Hefeweizen Hefeweizen 5.00 3.68 8 - Dark Chocolate Stout American Stout ? 3.65 1 - Red Rock - Original Oktoberfest Lager Märzen / Oktoberfest 5.50 3.37 9.
Big Dog's Draft House
4543 N Rancho Dr Las Vegas, Nevada, 89130-3403 United States phone: (702) 645-1404.
Beer Stats: Active Beers: 21 Beer Ratings: 270 Beer Avg: 3.88.
Boulder Dam Brewing
453 Nevada Hwy Boulder City, Nevada, 89005-2424 United States phone: (702) 243-2739.
Beer Stats: Active Beers: 4 Beer Ratings: 11 Beer Avg: 3.2.
Black Canyon Stout American Stout ? 3.19 2 - High Scaler IPA American IPA 6.50 2.67 5 - Powder Monkey Pilsner German Pilsener 4.70 3.5 2 - Rattlesnake Bite American Blonde Ale 5.50 4.75 1 - Reclamation Amber American Amber / Red Ale ? 3.5 2.
Camo Brewing Co.
3300 E Flamingo Rd Ste 17 Las Vegas, Nevada, 89121-4398 United States phone: (702) 877-9812.
Beer Stats: Active Beers: 6 Beer Ratings: 205 Beer Avg: 1.92.
Camo 900 High Gravity Lager American Malt Liquor 9.00 1.63 15 - Camo Black Extra American Malt Liquor 12.20 2.49 17 - Camo Black Ice American Malt Liquor 10.50 1.95 53 - Camo Genuine Ale American Strong Ale 8.60 1.58 15 - Camo High Gravity Lager American Malt Liquor 8.50 1.81 54 64 Camo Silver Ice American Malt Liquor 10.60 2.09 51.
Chicago Brewing Company yes!Chicago Brewing Co.
2201 S. Fort Apache Rd. and Sahara Av. Tel:702-254-3333

Beer Stats: Active Beers: 15 Beer Ratings: 152 Beer Avg: 3.66.
Yes!Ellis Island

4178 Koval Ln Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109-4568 United States phone: (702) 733-8901. It's that little street between Tropicana and Spring Mt. Rd. One block off the Strip going east behind Bally's. It's next to the Arco station.
Excellent microbrews at fantastically low prices. I get a very decent 22oz glass of amber for $1.00 (that's just one buck). Something like that would set you back at least $6 in other places. The food while not gourmet, is also very low priced. Well worth a try.
10/01/05 I''ve heard they bit the dust, gone, finished. Not because of the beer but because the land got too valuable and was sold from under them. (that''s what I hear)I'll check it out.
Beer Stats: Active Beers: 6 Beer Ratings: 76 Beer Avg: 2.94.
Ellis Island Amber American Amber / Red Ale 6.00 2.93 18 - Ellis Island Dark Euro Dark Lager ? 3.07 6 - Ellis Island Hefe Weiss Hefeweizen 5.75 3.09 17 - Ellis Island IPA American IPA 5.80 2.68 13 - Ellis Island Light Light Lager 4.20 2.59 9 - Ellis Island XXX Stout English Stout 6.30 3.31 13.
Yes, we approve!Gordon Biersch
3987 Paradise Rd., Tel;702-312-5247
If you like good beer and good food this is the place to be. The Beemer and Mercedes crowd hangs here. It is a little on the pricey side what with a beer for $4 etc. but in my opinion it is definitely the best microbrewery in Las Vegas that I know of. The food is imaginative and their blond bock and hefeweizen are unsurpassed in this area. Don't expect cheap here, they charge for what they sell but it is well worth it, in my opinion.
08/16/03 - I am getting a feeling lately the beer is no longer the same flavor. Is it flatter or less hoppy? Or has the mass production syndrome set in?go to their web site
Beer Stats: Active Beers: 31 Beer Ratings: 2,391 Beer Avg: 3.63
Joseph James Brewing
155 N Gibson Rd Ste 2 Henderson, Nevada, 89014-6713 United States phone: (702) 454-2739.
Beer Stats: Active Beers: 19 Beer Ratings: 492 Beer Avg: 3.61.
Yes!Main Street Station
200 N. Main, Tel: 702-387-1896.
Nice looking bar with good beer. Pretty noisy at times. If you don't like noise you can step outside and watch the vagrants. We are talking downtown Las Vegas here.go to MSS's web site
Yes!Monte Carlo Hotel Micro Brewery
in the Monte Carlo Hotel, 3770 S. Las Vegas Bl., Tel: 702-730-7777.
Probably the best feature of the whole hotel. Real interesting decor, but noisy as hell. The food here is decent, beer is especially flavorful. I suspect they cheat. I mean, I almost suspect they add sugar to the porter. For the Hefeweizen, they must use the most estery yeast on the market - the strongest nutmeg/banana flavors I've encountered in a wheat beer, but I liked it. All the beers are highly flavored straight on down the line, except for the "light" version they provide for Bud and Corona drinkers. You actually do see some people drinking that stuff in brewpubs. They could stay home and drink rubbing alcohol for all the good a brewpub is doing them. You can get the beer sampler here too. They have about five standard and always a special or two. Be careful opening the link. It is one of those that "capture" you. You can get in but you have to go back about 3 screens at once to get back out. This really stinks. I am thinking of removing the link, serves them right.
Sin City Brewing
7935 W Sahara Ave Ste 201 Las Vegas, Nevada, 89146-0389 United States phone: (702) 809-4939.

Using state of the art equipment [Gordon Biersch brewery], Sin City beers are brewed using traditional methods and adhere to the German Reinheitsgebot, the beer purity law of 1516.
Active Beers: 5 Beer Ratings: 167 Beer Avg: 3.39.
Sin City Amber Märzen / Oktoberfest 5.70 3.46 44 - Sin City IPA English India Pale Ale (IPA) ? 3.36 37 - Sin City Light Light Lager 3.75 3.1 14 - Sin City Stout Irish Dry Stout 6.00 3.49 46 - Sin City Weisse Hefeweizen 4.50 3.54 26.
The Draft House
4543 N. Rancho, 645-1404.
The owner must be from Wisconsin, I guess. The place has a lot of Wisconsin decor and memorabilia. Including loudmouth "Billy Bass" . Lots of good beer and brats and cheese and walleye. Since I am German myself I find the atmosphere in there how should I say - oh yes, "gemuetlich," that's it. I love it and you will probably too. Give it a try!
The Hofbrauhaus
Kitty corner of the Hard Rock Hotel. Very good location. Only three blocks from the Strip going east on Harmon from the Harley Cafe. Allegedly an exact copy of the Munich , Germany original. Here is a bit of esoteric information. The original was started in the 16th Century by a Bavarian ruler. I think it was around 1580. It has been a state run (Freestate Bavaria) enterprise ever since. The Las Vegas location is allegedly on a thirty year lease. They claim to be getting an original German oompah brass band.
In the interim I am happy to report good beer and good food. Huge and I mean huge servings.
Despite of what some people think this is hardly the oldest brewery in Germany though. That happens to be Weihenstephaner which has been in continuous operation sine AD 1087.
So-soTenaya Creek
3101 N. Tenaya Way, Tel: 702-362-7335
A new place, quite a long way from the Strip. You can drink in peace here, they are right across from the Mountain View hospital. Nice building and decor (modernist prairie style in deep reds and earth tones, all clad in different kinds of cut stone). Menu is slightly upscaley American food - at least the thought is there, the execution isn't quite. Five or more house beers that are more middle of the road than the other local breweries - probably good if you're not really a beer aficionado but just want to pretend you are. Food is not bad (=not stellar) and a little high for what you get. Remember, they've got a nice building to pay for.
Recently revisited. Had a decent I.P.A. My friend had a (lousy) Hefeweizen. Remember; I am super critical when it comes to beer. Other people might like the beer offerings. I am just voicing my personal opinions.

Beer Stats: Active Beers: 16 Beer Ratings: 434 Beer Avg: 3.6. See detailed review
Triple 7 Restaurant and Brewery
200 N Main St Las Vegas, Nevada, 89101-2910 United States phone: (702) 387-1896.
Beer Stats: Active Beers: 9 Beer Ratings: 109 Beer Avg: 3.94.

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