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Las Vegas Visitor provides FREE listings to support our local artists and to protest canned entertainment!
How to list a band/group/performer
Simply go to our Musicians' Listings page and create your listing. Listings are posted after we screen them.
Agents/Agencies: Please contact the performers directly via the information given.
A.J. Presents
Independent concert promoter.
A.J. Gross
4754 El Escorial Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89121.
Tel: 702-384-3044
Fax: 702-384-2304
E-mail: ajpresents@earthlink.net
Website: see their website
A Way of Life
Electronic music festival organizer.
Chad Craig
Tel: 702-812-7228
E-mail: awol_productions@hotmail.com
Website:see their website
Big Lizard
Punk rock
Ryan Kinder
P.O.Box 72546, Las Vegas, NV 89170-2546.
Tel: 702-895-9164
E-mail: biglizardrecords@hotmail.com
Website:see their website
Big Time Entertainment
Event promotion and booking
Joseph McDonald
1555 E. Flamingo Rd. #400, Las Vegas, NV 89119.
Tel: 702-893-9888.
Website: see their website
Bogus Productions
Promotion and merchandise
Tim Munson
8665 W. Flamingo Rd. #131-201, Las Vegas, NV 89147
Tel: 702-798-3330.
Fax: 702-220-6077.
E-mail: info@bogusproductions.com
Website:see their website
Borders Books
area marketing mgr.
Michael W. Delay.
Tel: 702-638-0154.
E-mail: mdelay@borderstores.com
Parties, club promotions, D.J's
Bo Karlen
10516 White Heath Ct., Las Vegas, NV 89134.
Tel: 702-308-1961.
Website: see their website
Catch Tomorrow's Stars
Multimedia marketing entertainers
Ron Jackson
3540 W. Sahara Av., Las Vegas, NV 89102.
Tel: 702-731-5482, or 630-1445.
E-mail: stars111@juno.com
Website:see their website
House of Blues and Huntridge booking
Lauren Matsui.
7175 Sunset Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90046.
Tel: 323-851-7441.
Website: see their website
Greer Entertainment Agency Int'l
talent booking agency.
Helen Greer.
1725 S. Rainbow Bl., Box 160, #2, Las Vegas, NV 89146.
Tel: 702-390-7600.
House of Blues
Booking for the House of Blues.
Kelly Sheehan.
Tel: 702-632-7600.
Imaginary Christmas Productions
Books independent rock bands.
Tommie and Jennifer.
3814 S. Maryland P'way., Las Vegas, NV 89121.
Tel: 702-450-9511 (T),
Tel: 702-451-4758 (J).
Website: see their website
Itty Bitty Soundz Productions
Booking agent.
Phil Murphy.
7065 W. Ann Rd., #524, Las Vegas, NV 89130.
Tel: 702-655-6789.
Fax: 702-655-7250.
E-mail: events@ittybittysoundz.com
Website:see their website
Jaded Acres/FVB, inc.
Sunny Potter
904 Rockview Dr. Las Cegas, NV 89128
E-mail: gigslut@excite.com
Massimino Productions
Looking for all acts.
Mark Massimino.
P.O.Box 30231, Las Vegas, NV 89173-0231
E-mail: vezzorecords@hotmail.com
Michael Schivo Presents
Event and concert producer.
Michael Schivo.
Tel: 702-798-6405
Website: see their website
Booking for Huntridge/Sanctuary local shows.
John Robison.
9000 S. Las Vegas Bl., # 1120, Las vegas, NV 89123.
Tel: 702-260-9757.
E-mail: xnakedmadman@aol.com
Website:see their website
Nicholas' Angelstar Agency
Tina Nicholas
301 E. Stewart Av. #784, Las Vegas, NV 89101.
Tel: 702-261-1000, ext. 4452.
PNJ Music
Live shows, booking, promotions.
Jeff Higginbotham, Pat Ellis.
510 S. 9th St., Las Vegas, NV 89101.
Tel: 702-46103081 or 499-4999.
URL: see their website
E-mail: vent@pnjmusic.com
Rock Vegas Records
Band marketing and services.
Dan E. Swift.
6200 E. Russell Rd. #129, Las Vegas, NV 89122.
Tel: 702-699-5512 or 369-6062.
see their website
E-mail: rockvegasrecords@hotmail.com
Shaundia Garvin Music and Productions
From hip-hop to doo-wop and video productions.
Shaundia Garvin.
Tel: 702-380-7866.
E-mail: mmmlasvegas702@yahoo.com
Shoestring Record
Street promoter, marketing, consulting.
Nicole Sligar.
2620 S. maryland P'way., #163, Las Vegas, NV 89109.
Tel: 702-360-7881
Fax: 702-363-0311
E-mail: nshoestrng@aol.com
 Slave Industries
Jeremy/DJ Rasputin.
Tel: 702-407-8227.
see their website
E-mail: slave@slafeindustries.net
Slipshod Productions
One stop production/promotion.
Denny Otrambo.
2960 Westwood Dr. #14, Las Vegas, NV 89109.
Tel: 702-858-0217.
Production Facilities
· Audio/Visual

AV Images.
6280 S. Valley View Bl., Las Vegas, NV
Tel: 702-260-7646.

Accent Audio Productions.
Tel: 702-558-6000

Britton Entertainment Inc.
6335 S. Pecos Rd., Las Vegas, NV.
Tel: 702-436-6763.

Century Productions.
5210 S. Procyon Av., Las Vegas, NV
Tel: 702-597-1969.

Encore Production
5150 S. decatur Bl. Las Vegas, NV
Tel: 702-739-8803.

Insync Show Production Services
3111 S. Valley View Bl., Las Vegas, NV
Tel: 702-221-8586.

JUS2SHY Productions Inc
North Las Vegas, NV
Tel: 702-639-4442.

Multiline Production Associates
Tel: 702-657-3840

Oakdale Post Audio
3329 S. Eastern Av., Las Vegas, NV
Tel: 702-734-3900.

Postworks Production
4305 Industrial Rd., Las Vegas, NV
Tel: 702-262-6068.

Signal Perfection Ltd.
Tel: 702-450-7751.

Soundtrax Av Production Svcs
1209 S. Commerce, Las Vegas, NV
Tel: 702-388-1636.

Studio V Inc.
3111 S. Valley View Bl., Las Vegas, NV
Tel: 702-257-7664.

The Studio
5450 S. Cameron St., Las Vegas, NV
Tel: 702-362-3555.

Transfer West Duplication
6171 McLeod Dr., Las Vegas, NV
Tel: 702-895-9900.

Trimordial Studio - Audio, Video, & Graphics
PO Box 46015, Las Vegas, NV 89114
Tel: 702-614-9113
Email: trimordial@thefaro.com

· Recording Studios/Audio

Audiomation Inc.
5008 Donnie Av., Las Vegas, NV

Accent Audio Productions.
Henderson.NV 89005
Tel: 702-558-6000

Emissary Productions
Tel: 877-230-8560.

On Time Productions Inc.
2722 S. Highland, Las Vegas, NV
Tel: 702-650-5400..

Studio Vegas
3111 S. Valley View Bl. Ste. F-107.
Tel: 702-257-7664.

· Recording Studios/Video

Century Productions
Tel: 702-596-1969.
Toll free: 877-597-1969.

On Time Productions
2722 S. Highland, Las Vegas, NV
Tel: 702-650-5400.
Talent Instruction

Academy of Dance and Performing Arts.
3755 East Desert Inn Rd. (at Sandhill).
Tel: 702-451-1666
Ballet, tap, jazz.
see their website

Academy of Gymnastics and Dance
1000 Stephanie Pl., Henderson, NV
Tel: 702-795-3332


Local Seth Riggs Associate
Tel: 702-737-3220.
see their website

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