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Thou shalt obey these Commandments.
Thou shalt not gamble and drink.
Thou shalt not chase thy money.
Thou shalt not cheat.
Thou shalt not gamble more than thou canst afford.
Thou shalt not place proposition bets at the crap table.
Thou shalt not bet the field, the Big 6 or Big 8.
Thou shalt not forget to take the odds.
Thou shalt not hit thy 12 or better against the dealers hard 12-16 at the card game.
Thou shalt not hit thy hard 17.
Thou shalt not split thy tens or fives.
The following is a free (or comp) commandment.
Thou shalt not jaywalk in Las Vegas.
Gambling Addiction
Help is available from the following organizations: Nevada Council on Problem Gambling www: nevadacouncil.org, 702 369 9740, or www:problemgamblingcenter.com, 702 363 3633.
Also: Nevada casino operaters themselves offer help, it is in their own best interest.

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