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at Hyatt resorts Lake at Las Vegas
Beautifully situated in a brand new upscale development where lots of money is being spent on landscaping and water features. Like all Hyatt's (that I know), the interior design and decor is magnificent, perhaps even a little overdone. The Tajine menu is short and snappy, just a few entrees, most of them from $17.00 to $ 25.00. I arrived on a Friday and the seafood buffet was available at $ 20.00 (you get a $5.00 refund when you buy tokens in their casino after dinner). On the menu is some beef, a lamb shank, a chicken and a few appetizers and a vegetarian dish. I opted for the (so called) spit roasted chicken with the root vegetable confit. My companion had the vegetarian pouch. I thought the chicken a little on the dry side, I don't think they basted it during roasting. The root vegetable confit resembled pommes pont neuf (I figure if they can call a chicken "poussin" I can call confit whatever I want to call it). It was nice enough but a little unimaginative as far as seasoning goes. Also all items were a little flat. Service was friendly but glacially slow. The vegetarian pouch turned out to be Israeli couscous in a flour wrapper on top of a slab of grilled tofu surrounded by red pepper salsa. Here again flavoring left something to be desired. The best part of the meal for me, a tea lover was, when I requested a choice of teas the server showed up with a regulation tea chest containing about ten selections of teas, oriental and herb. As a dinner experience I would give this restaurant a "B-". Sorry folks, you didn't quite make it.see health dept. report

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