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Gamblers Book Shop

now located at 5473 S Eastern Ave, was originally located in the Huntridge area of Las Vegas (closer to downtown than the Strip) the company has, for over 40 years, operated a rare sort of business: A bookstore & small press dedicated to gambling. Along with original books on various forms of gambling, the company engaged in the reprinting of "classic" works related to gambling that had long passed out of copyright furthering Founder John & Edna Luckman's vision of Gambler's Book Club as a place of learning for gamblers: In 1964, Gambler's Book Club was born. Luckman envisioned not just a bookstore, but a library of gambling and a forum for gamblers to gather and visit, argue, gossip, lie, and - most of all - learn from each other.[
It was originally located at 630 S. 11th Street,
So, you want to be a gambler/player the first stop on you agenda should be this shop. If they don't have it , it doesn't exist.

5473 S Eastern Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89119 (702) 382-7555.
For those of you who are visiting from out of town and are at the Strip and do not have a GPS device use the following directions.
Take the I15 S, turn off at the 215E, (it also is the turn out for McCarran drive east until you get to the Eastern Av. turn off at the south off ramp,. It is only a few miles, maybe 5 or 6.

This shop has so much stuff I feel there is no need to list more. Only if you insist by sending me an email. webmeister@lasvegasvisitor.com.

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