Furnace Creek Golf Course

Highway 190, Death Valley, Ca. Tel: 760-786-2301

This is, in elevation, the lowest golf course in the world. Some 260 ft. below sea level. It is in Death Valley, some 2 hrs. by car from Las Vegas. A word of advice, don’t try this during the summer months. Temperatures of 125 degrees (and higher at ground level) have been recorded. In the beginning of 2013 a temperature of 133F was recorded, the hottest in over a hundred years. Reasonable rates but hard to get to. Turn off from the I15 and go North until you get there. You cannot get lost, there is only one road. But, should you do turn off and get stuck in loose sand etc. your chances for survival in the summer are slim to non existent.On the other hand, how many people can brag about “a low score”, or ” I practically played underwater”?

The Devil’s Golf Course

Death Valley, California.

It is not really a golf course but rather a landscape feature. Unusual soil formations with a myriad of small bumps and pinnacles make it impossible to even walk on this stuff. Well worth a visit. About 2 hours from Las Vegas. If you have an urge to go there in the summer I would advise against it. The temps. routinely reach 125 F and not a drop of water anywhere.In the early days of 2013 a high temperature of 133 Fahrenheit was recorded. The highest in over a hundred years.