Pro Sports

Local sports fans have tried to lure pro sports teams here as long as I can remember.   It’s finally happening, and in a big way.

Football – The Raiders are coming!  The team is scheduled to be here for the 2020 season, and will stay in Oakland until then.  By that time a new stadium should be completed in Las Vegas.

Basketball – MGM Resorts is talking to the NBA to try to get a team here.  It would most likely be an existing team relocating, not an expansion team, and it’s expected to take until 2021 for it to happen.  In the meantime, the NBA holds its Summer League here every July.

Baseball – MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred says the organization is open to having an expansion or relocated team in Las Vegas.  Meanwhile, our team is the 51s, the Triple-A team for the Mets.  You can catch their games throughout the summer.  Warning:  it’s hot out there and the beer is expensive.  I know what you’re thinking – tell me something I didn’t know.

Hockey – The NHL is already here with the Las Vegas Golden Knights.  Ice hockey in Las Vegas?  News flash:  there are no outdoor ice skating rinks here.

Other sports thinking about it are Rugby (Australian rules?) and Soccer.  BTW soccer as a recreational sport is HUGE here.

UNLV Sports

You can always catch a game at UNLV in season – football, baseball, basketball, softball, or soccer.  Check it out at