Soul Food

Big Mama’s Cooking/ Soul Food/Creole

2230 W. Bonanza Rd. Tel: 702-597-1616

Shaquille O’Neal has been spotted here. The place is close to Rancho, I think about a block or so east. They got it all here in a plain setting. By plain I mean paper plates and aluminum cooking pouches. But the flavor is terrific. When I got there I saw some guys with fancy footwear and huge gold chains hanging around. BBQ stuff. They also have some Creole items. If you are really into this type of dining you can get lucky and get there when they have chitterlings or pigs feet on the special. Some nice desserts. I had sweet potato pie one day and it was real good. I also had the jambalaya which was very good with lots of hot links and shrimp. A bit spicy, but that should be expected.

M & M Soul Food Cafe

3923 W. Charleston Blvd, 702 453 4626,

Flavorful, authentic Southern comfort food that’s surprisingly lighter than you might expect (i.e. not greasy like home cooking sometimes is).