The Heart Attack Grill

When they say heart attack grill, they mean it. I have heard of two of them in that restaurant. There may be more we haven’t heard about yet. One of their offerings is a milkshake made out of butter, a buttershake so to speak. The wait staff is dressed in nurses’ uniforms and carry first aid kits. Anyone over 350 pounds eats for free. They offer a hamburger so large they actually offer to pay for it if you can eat it it all. And so it goes. The attached picture speaks for itself. If you want to give it a shot, you can find it in downtown Vegas on Fremont street, in the pedestrian zone.

Coffee Cup Cafe

558 Nevada Highway, Boulder City.
This location was featured on that infamous TV show, “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives”. If you are a rider (Harley) you cannot go wrong here. There are always a bunch of them here on weekends. This is a real piece of Americana, lunch counter included.

Hard Rock Cafe

in front of the Hard Rock Hotel, 4475 Paradise Rd. 733-7625
Regular coffee shop fare with some specialties of the Hard Rock people mixed in. The menu is almost identical to the one of the Hard Rock in Berlin, Germany. And don’t forget to look at all the rock memorabilia. I can’t shake the feeling that these Hard Rock Cafes are somewhat overpriced.

Peppermill Inn

Across the street from Circus Circus, a little farther south.
I was in Las Vegas when this place first opened and look both of us are still here. It is still the same cute old decor and the same good food and good pricing. You should drop in and watch the flames shoot out of the table in the bar. The average life expectancy of a restaurant in Las Vegas is about one year. This place outlives them all, a real piece of Old Las Vegas.