Ellis Island

4178 Koval Ln Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109-4568 United States phone: (702) 733-8901. It’s that little street between Tropicana and Spring Mt. Rd. One block off the Strip going east behind Bally’s. It’s next to the Arco station.

Excellent micro brews at fantastically low prices.

Gordon Biersch

3987 Paradise Rd., Tel;702-312-5247

If you like good beer and good food this is the place to be. The Beemer and Mercedes crowd hangs here. It is a little on the pricey side what with a beer for $5 etc. but in my opinion it is definitely the best microbrewery in Las Vegas that I know of. The food is imaginative and their blond bock and Hefeweizen are unsurpassed in this area. Don’t expect cheap here, they charge for what they sell but it is well worth it, in my opinion.

Main Street Station

200 N. Main, Tel: 702-387-1896.

Nice looking bar with good beer. Pretty noisy at times. If you don’t like noise you can step outside and watch the vagrants. We are talking downtown Las Vegas here.

The Hofbrauhaus

Kitty corner of the Hard Rock Hotel. Very good location. Only three blocks from the Strip going east on Harmon from the Harley Cafe. Allegedly an exact copy of the Munich , Germany original. Here is a bit of esoteric information. The original was started in the 16th Century by a Bavarian ruler. I think it was around 1580. It has been a state run (Free State Bavaria) enterprise ever since. The Las Vegas location is allegedly on a thirty year lease.

In the interim I am happy to report good beer and good food. Huge and I mean huge servings.

Despite of what some people think this is hardly the oldest brewery in Germany though. That happens to be Weihenstephaner which has been in continuous operation sine AD 1087. They got the Hofbrauhaus beat by several centuries.